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US NAVY Navy Jacket Black-Gold Adult Men's Women's Long Sleeve Jacket

Ships Within 1-2 Days.
  • Here's a great way to express your inner passion for the Navy with this US NAVY jacket. This casual wear jacket, with its irresistible graphic print, adds a touch of art to your casual look and is great to wear every day, at work, at parties, as workout clothing, or as a comfy pajama. Makes a perfect gift that will be remembered for a long time.

    We know you're going to love this jacket and you'll wear it many times, so it is made with quality pvc fabric that will last through many washes and features a comfortable fit with long sleeves. This is a high quality jacket that will last for years to come. Spot clean with damp cloth.

    This jacket has been expertly embroidered so that the US NAVY design and color of this the navy jacket will not fade even after frequent washing. You can confidently wear this jacket every day knowing that the quality and colors will last for a long time.

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